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The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program is sponsored by the Hedge Fund Group, a global networking association of more than 100,000  industry professionals. The Hedge Fund Group strives to create a valuable, rewarding experience for clients through our team of full-time employees, industry consultants, and board of directors.

Since its founding in 2006, the Hedge Fund Group has grown from a small network of industry professionals into an internationally recognized organization with over 100,000 members from more than 60 countries employed at the world’s top hedge funds.  The Hedge Fund Group has leveraged its deep connections within the hedge fund industry to produce a two-tiered hedge fund training program designed with busy professionals in mind.  Today, the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation has graduated over 1,500 participants and continues to improve and constantly update the training courses with the help and guidance of the Hedge Fund Group.

Hedge Fund Group Headquarters

The Hedge Fund Group was founded in Boston in 2006. Our headquarters have since moved to the West Coast.  We are currently located in Orenco Station in Portland, Oregon with associates and board members in New York, London, Chicago, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Bejing, and Dubai.

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Learn More About Us

Our website gets over 1,000 visits a day, and we get many inquiries about the CHP program.  Many of the questions we receive are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program, please contact us through Click-to-Chat, email, or by phone.  Our office hours are 8:30AM – 5:30PM (PST), Monday through Friday  We have a team of professionals ready to answer your questions and we look forward to hearing from you.

The Hedge Fund Group Team

Richard C. Wilson, Managing Director

Wilson Capital-1004Richard C. Wilson is a bestselling author, global speaker, and the founder and managing director of the Certified Hedge Fund Professional Designation (CHP) Program.  He is a prominent figure within the hedge fund industry, working daily with hedge fund managers and family offices.

Mr. Wilson also founded the Hedge Fund Group, a professional networking association with more than 100,000 members.  He lectures frequently at hedge fund conferences and hosts several annual networking events through the Hedge Fund Group in locations such as Switzerland, Russia, Singapore, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, and Lichtenstein.  His past work experiences include risk consulting and capital raising as third party marketer to hedge funds. Richard Wilson has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University, a M.B.A. from the University of Portland, and he completed some masters level coursework on the psychology of influence at Harvard University.

David Becker

David Becker is an expert in portfolio and risk management, and is well adept in his knowledge of financial derivatives.  Mr. Becker has an 18 year track record of creating and initiating successful investment ideas. During his professional career, David has worked for 2 investment banks, which include Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney, trading equities, debt derivatives, commodities and foreign exchange.  David also spent time working at 3 different hedge funds, where he managed portfolios and developed a successful track record.  David has in depth knowledge of many trading strategies that lead to successful short and long term returns.

Theodore O’Brien, Alternative Investment Research Analyst

Wilson Capital-1013Theodore O’Brien has been with our team since the beginning. He is primarily responsible for alternative investment research analysis, having produced over 1,000 pieces of research and reporting content on the space. Theo is also responsible for advising on technical aspects including web design, exam technology, and program planning. His background is in hedge fund market research, alternative investments and private equity, and he is a frequently published writer on these subjects.

Aldo S. Rabih CPA, Directory of Participant Mentoring & Career Growth

aldoAldo S. Rabih is a Senior manager in New York working on reinsurance technical issues and derivative credit valuations. Aldo gained over ten years experience dedicated to serving financial services entities (mainly hedge funds and private equity entities) and over four years of diversified experience in other industries and capital markets, both at Metlife as well as from other big four public accounting firms. Aldo has also spent two years as an independent risk consultant with a focus on internal controls and due diligence for fund of funds as well as reviewing transparency standards for fund of hedge funds.

Aldo began his career in Montreal Canada and maintains both his Canadian chartered Accountancy as well as CPA licensure. Aldo’s former and current clients included Hedge funds, Private Equity Firms, Clearing Brokers, Introducing Brokers, Mutual Funds, and, Registered Investment Advisors, Trust Company, or Transfer Agents, as well as Alternative investment vehicles. He received a BComm. degree in accounting (Concordia University – Montreal) and Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting (McGill University – Montreal) He is a Certified Public Accountant, Canadian Chartered Accountant and member of AICPA as well as the Massachusetts Society of CPAs.

Ashley Wirthlin, Program Coordinator/VP of Operations

Wilson Capital-1021Ashley Wirthlin joined the Hedge Fund Group in June of 2009 to help us keep up with potential candidate inquiries and public relations activities related to the CHP Designation. Ashley is key to our organization’s ability to now take on 300 additional participants per session within the CHP Designation.  Once you are a CHP Designation member, you will most likely interact with Ashley on day-today studying and exam related inquiries.

Charlie Barr, Video Production & Editing

Wilson Capital-1002-EditCharlie Barr is the Hedge Fund Group’s video editor. Charlie helps produce video study aides, video recordings of team member speeches at conferences, and Hedge Fund Premium resources. Charlie’s background is in conducting market research and investor database product construction projects within the Hedge Fund Group. As a member of the CHP Designation Program you will gain access to Hedge Fund Premium and watch many videos which Charlie helped produce and edit over the past few years.

Adriana Albuquerque, Director of Candidate Services

Wilson Capital-1044Adriana Albuquerque handles participant inquiries and research projects. She is responsible for ensuring that the CHP Designation materials and Hedge Fund Premium resources are updated frequently and that participant needs are promptly met. Adriana also helps coordinate Hedge Fund Group networking events and seminars for CHP members and hedge fund professionals across the industry in over 10 cities around the world including New York, Moscow, Chicago, Sao Paulo, Boston, London, and San Francisco.

Adriana obtained her Bacherlor’s Degree from Harvard University.

Jordan Blotnik, Participant Manager

Wilson Capital-1026Jordan assists with the daily CHP Program operations. He supports potential and current participants by answering questions, confirming registrations, and sending out participant materials. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the CHP team. They team is here to help you by chat, phone, or email.

Jordan has extensive experience in customer service, management and research.  He graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s degree.

Angela Malone, Executive Assistant and Resource Manager

Wilson Capital-1018Angela ensures that our main office runs smoothly along with a number of other duties including producing and distributing our training materials and assisting in the marketing and promotion of our investment workshops and events.

Angela joins the CHP team after a career as the Communications & Charitable Giving Specialist at Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

Rafael Tassini, Resource Research & Construction

RafaelRafael Tassini was added to our team to help us consistently produce new resources, alumni benefits, and downloadable multimedia from our website. Rafael is an expert in resource research and construction and many of the tools you use within our programs were built with his help.

Rafael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Business from Universidade Paulista.

CHP Preferred Recruiters

The following recruiters and placement agents are not part of our internal team, but they act as an extension of the Hedge Fund Group (HFG), assisting with the CHP’s offerings. The recruiter below have become familiar with the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Program and would prefer to work with professionals who hold this designation over those that do not.

Rick Gold, First Call Associates
I am an executive recruiter specializing in the financial services industry. Specifically, I cater to Investment Banks, Asset Management firms, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity. I have placed PM’s, Traders, and Analysts across most asset classes. I have experience with discretionary and systematic strategies. My industry experience prior to my recruiting career, my dedication to building and maintaining relationships, and the level of honesty and integrity that I work with are what separates me from my competitors.


The Advisory Board

The CHP Designation is sponsored and offered by the Hedge Fund Group, an international industry networking association with with more than 100,000 members. Our team of eight professionals have been working with CHP Program participants on a daily basis in addition to fielding advice and input from our Board of Advisers shown below.

The Board of Advisers for the Hedge Fund Group consists of over 50 hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, and industry consultants making this hedge fund certification program designed for and by hedge fund professionals. Ongoing conversations with additional funds and industry consultants indicate the Advisory Board will grow to over 100. Below is a sample of the current Advisory Board members:

Joe Omansky, Program Adviser

Mr. Omansky helps our team spread our brand among hedge fund managers throughout the industry and he has recently been spending time helping us improve and refine the learning objectives of the CHP Designation overall. Outside of the CHP Designation, Mr. Omansky runs the SkyRank System of Hedge Fund Ratings, which he created in April 2003. Prior to his work on SkyRank, he created and managed an equity options volatility model for Tradelink LLC, a Chicago-based multi-strategy hedge fund. Prior to this, he was an equity options market maker of Lakota Trading Inc., a market-making entity owned by Steve Fossett on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Early in his career, he worked for Merrill Lynch and Fidelity Investments. Omansky received his Master’s in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University and his Bachelor’s in Economics from Clark University.

Gines Arnau, Program Advisor 

GinesGines Arnau is a member of the CHP Designation’s Advisory Board;  he, along with other board members, help to ensure that our program is providing excellent training to participants. Mr. Arnau is a board member and the COO of Strategic Acquisitions, Inc. He is a former bank executive as an EVP Chief Lending Officer as well as a co-founder of a State Chartered FDIC insured commercial bank with over 25 years of underwriting and asset origination experience with large institutions. Mr. Arnau has an extensive background in the capital markets with experience in secondary markets as well as loan securitizations and trading bank notes. He is well versed in bank compliance and operating in a highly transparent and regulated industry. Mr. Arnau is responsible for operating the Managed Funds group where he oversees all aspects of the fund’s administration and portfolio asset selection.


Mark McClanahan James P. Dougherty
Headline Investments, LLC Confidential Hedge Fund
Alessandro Pasin Chris Marquardt
Confidential Hedge Fund Coronation International Ltd
Nakul Nayyar Julia Grice 
Simpson Capital Mgmt. Confidential
Alan Andreini Simon Coxeter, CFA
Cogo Wolf (FoF) AsiaSource Capital
Jeffrey Evanello, ChFC Gary Mair
Source Capital Group Fund Advisor, LLC
Susan Murphy Adam Harrison
Magnetar Capital 3A Ltd.
Thomas Thiel Lance Baraker
McAdams Wright Ragen Caledonian
Pajani Singah Doug Fincher
Inflection Point Investments Rock Maple Funds
Jeslie Chui Mark Tower
Bank of China Ltd. Muirfield Capital Mgmt.LLC
Alicia Herrera Mark Hurrell, CFA
Integra Investments LP Meridian Capital Partners
Stefan Nieborak Ben McMillan
Old Lane LP Confidential – $2B FoF
Sheri Kanesaka Arun Kelshiker
Latham & Watkins LLP TARA Global Investors, ICC
Joseph Julian, PhD Saverio Massi Benedetti
Absolute Return Strategies PG Alternatives, LP
Peter Brady Johann Schwimann
Prism Capital Partners, LP Seven Capital Mgmt
Paul Taglia Richard Wilson
Pinstripe Capital, LLC Hedge Fund Group (HFG)
Adam Connors Marcus Goormastic
Spire Search Partners Goormastic Search
Adam Miller Confidential Name
Viresco Capital Management $1.2B Hedge Fund
Gines Arnau
Strategic Acquisitions, Inc.



Ready to register?  You can easily register for the Certified Hedge Fund Professional training program here.

Note: The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation program is in no way affiliated with, sponsored by, or related to the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation or CAIA Designation, and is not administered by the CFA Institute or CAIA Institute. The CHP Designation is an independent certification and training program which is only associated with the 100,000+ member Hedge Fund Group (HFG) and G.T.C. Institute, a US-based training and certification firm.

Why Work at a Hedge Fund?

Hedge funds have become a hot area for recent graduates and talented financial professionals so it is good to explore why exactly the hedge funds space is such an attractive employment area.  While recent market problems mean many in the financial sector will be out of work or taking home smaller bonuses, there’s still wealth waiting for those in hedge funds. That wealth attracts many entrepreneurs, workers and students to hedge fund employment. Why work for a hedge fund?

– Working at a hedge fund requires varied skills and abilities. Whether involved in designing a fund, it strategies or its sales, hedge fund work can be challenging and invigorating. Not only will you manage or oversee a portfolio, you’ll have to make sure you’re serving the interests of you clients while ensuring your corporate practices are tight, legal and profitable.

– Hedge funds can cater to your type of experience. Funds require people skilled in accounting, investment banking, economic analysis and business. There’s room for everyone.

– Unique corporate cultures. The smallest funds may be run by one or two busy traders; the largest by hundreds. Seek the one that’s best for you.

– A base salary will start around six figures.

– And the best is yet to come: the real money’s in the bonus, which can reach another six figures.

The downside? If your fund doesn’t earn, you’ll miss out on a large part of your wages. But that incentive is probably the ideal thing for someone skilled in business, dedicated to performance and eagerly seeking profit.


Four Pieces of Hedge Fund Career Advice

Here is an e-mail question that we received: “If someone wanted to start a hedge fund career, what are 4 pieces of advice you would give them?”

1) The day you graduate from college start studying for and earning your Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) or CAIA designation.
2) Figure out if your passion is in trading, analytics or marketing & sales. Choosing your specialty area early will help you more quickly develop the experience and skill sets needed to do well in that type of position.
3) Never do anything unethical. If you are sharp and passionate you have no need to ever cut corners. Avoid people that do at all costs.
4) Do your own compliance and due diligence research. Look up your potential or current boss within the FINRA or SEC records to see if they have marks against them. Meet with a compliance lawyer yourself to make sure your activities are all legal with securities laws. Do your own homework because many times nobody is going to do it for you.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Certified Hedge Fund Professional program, click here.

SKAR Formula

SKAR Development Formula

There is a formula that I have used over the past 7 years to help me build my resume, career, and now my own small business, that is the SKAR Formula. This is not a way to shortcut the hard work it takes to be successful, but rather a map as to where invest your energy to increase the results you get in return for your investment.

SKAR Development Formula:

Specialized Knowledge + Authority positioning + tangible Results = huge growth opportunities and faster development within your career or business.


Specialized Knowledge = Specific knowledge that is practical, functional and very niche specific to the area within you work or the skill or ability you rely on to perform well. Specialized knowledge exists whether you are an airplane pilot, hedge fund analyst, or third party marketer. The difference between having specialized knowledge or not could mean the difference between spending 18 months to complete a task or project or being able to development strong client relationships and complete the same task in just 3 months. It lets you identify more opportunities, move more quickly on them, and execute with efficiency when once multiplied over several years puts you within a different league of competition. Some ideas on how you can further develop your specialized knowledge include:

– Read two books/month for the next two years on the area of specialized knowledge which is going to benefit your business or career most.

– Subscribe to 3 of the best newsletters from blogs or experts in your industry which are NOT re-hashed press releases and garbage news. You learn close to nothing from reading the news – read insights, analyses and white papers within these newsletters instead. There are at least 2-3 valuable free newsletters in each industry.

– Complete a niche training and certification program specific to your area of specialized knowledge. Having a third party verify that you have obtained a certain level of specialized knowledge is ALWAYS going to be more credible than, I like to read books and email newsletters, here is what I have read lately. Seek out an online certification program and start one within 6 months, this will force you to read and learn more within your niche.

– Write one article a week on your thoughts, best practices, and lessons learned within your niche area of practice. Write anonymously by creating a free blog at Blogger.com and start synthesizing what you are learning and combining other ideas to create your own original concepts (such as this blog post).

Authority Positioning = Creating structures around your firm or self so that your knowledge and abilities are communicated in a way that positions you as an authority in your niche area. Ideally this area lines up 1-to-1 with your area of specialized knowledge and it can be the result of gathering this knowledge. Two professionals can hold the same knowledge though, while one write 5 books and completes over 50 press interviews a year the other may be an arm chair critic with a small group of 5-7 consulting clients. The more well positioned professional will reap rewards from new opportunities coming towards him instead of the other way around. I was a competitive swimmer earlier in my life and the best book I read on swimming was called “Swimming Downhill” it was a way to swim so that your body is tilted forward and you literally cut continually downwards into the water. If you get Authority Positioning right it will be like you are swimming downhill. Jeffrey Gitomer is a great study of authority positioning, he started writing 8 pages a day when he was 46 years old, now in his fifties he has over 10 best selling books, and charges more than Colin Powell for speeches – the real important detail though is he NEVER cold calls anyone and never scrambles for new business. His phone literally rings off the hook with new opportunities, clients, and join venture partnerships due to his positioning, he is swimming down a steep hill.

– Publish your own newsletter or blog – even if you only publish something once every 2 weeks, having it and building it over time is what is important.

– Interview one professional each month for your own blog or newsletter, tell them that you can’t compensate them but as your website becomes more popular they may get some exposure and they can have a copy of the recorded phone call transcript, Mp3 file or document which you type up. Interviewing experts is a shortcut to gaining specialized knowledge and authority positioning quick. Simply telling others that you have interviewed 20 of the top experts in the industry and overall you found A & B and most surprisingly C is very powerful. Note, the strong you have fulfilled your work in building specialized knowledge the more willing these experts will be to connect with you and the more pointed and refined your questions will be. Ever done an interview with a journalist who has never worked in your field? Not always fun or fulfilling to answer the basics which can be looked up on Google in 3 seconds.

– Take what you have written within your own newsletter or blog and self-publish a book, with 60-80 pages of single spaced text anyone can do this for $15 at Lulu.com. Very simple, no more excuses that you do not have a book deal. I got my second big investment marketing contract partially because I had a self-published book in hand and someone gave me a chance based on my dedication to the niche. The book positions you as an authority.

– Create a 1 page PDF list of all of your past clients. This can show depth, experience, and respect that others have given you by paying for your services and time in the past.
Speak at conferences. It is relatively easy to land speaking spots at conference, networking events and seminars. Lots of professionals are looking for others with unique ideas and lessons to share, and again teaching what specialized knowledge you have gained helps you connect and synthesize these ideas. If you are speaking to a crowd you are within an authority position and when you mention your speaking it adds credibility because others have stopped their business days and invested their valuable time to listen to what you had to say.

Tangible Results: The importance of showing real tangible results cannot be over-stated. Finding ways to do this within service businesses, the fund management industry, or within certain areas of extreme confidentiality is challenging. Some types of tangible results that can be shared include:

– An actual printed out version of part of the service or end result of the product or service
– Video or text (not as good) testimonials from past and current clients, the more specific to the immediate need or concern of your potential client or employer the better…the more numerous the testimonials the better.
– The first 15-20% of the product or your service given away for free on a trial basis. $1 first month trial, 4 weeks of free work or time so we can prove our worth to you, etc.
– Diverse and numerous case studies of past clients or employers, this proves that you work with firms with various needs and have found solutions for them, it allows the reader of these case studies to imagine you solving their problem
– A little tip, quick take away or lesson within your sales letter or website which provides the potential client with immediate benefit. This proves that you have the goods, are an authority and do have their best interests in mind.

Another related topic that I don’t have space to go into here is that underlying all three of these items are having the right habits. Habits have been shown to form 96% of what we do every single day. We tend to eat the same things, walk the same way, watch the same shows, and read the same types of books. As the quote goes, “first you form your habits, and then your habits form you.” What business habits are you forming? What elements of the SKAR formula are you using each week? When you read this type of advice are you thinking “I already know this stuff” or “how good am I at that, and where could I improve?”

If you are interested in enrolling in the Certified Hedge Fund Professional program, click here.


The CHP designation is the industry-standard hedge fund training and certificate program offered by the 100,000 member Hedge Fund Group association.  Complete the form below to enroll now and access 100 training videos, MP3 audio interviews with hedge fund managers, study materials and more training resources.

Tuition: Registration for Level 1 is $775, and for Level 2 is $675.  To save nearly $500 on tuition, we offer registration for both Level 1 and Level 2 for just $975.

Registration Limitation: Registration is limited to a small group of just 100 professionals per quarter and spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to join the CHP program please reserve your spot today, your satisfaction with the program is guaranteed.

Fill out my online form.

Four Alternative Ways of Paying Tuition:If you had trouble with our registration form above, please use one of these alternative payment options below:

1. Credit Card by Fax/Email Registration Form (Word Document)

2. Mail-In Check Registration Form (Word Document)

3. Paypal Money Transfers: Login to your Paypal Account, click on “Send Money” and then send over the tuition funds to [email protected]

4. Wire or Bank Transfers & Western Union Transfers: If you can only complete payment through a wire transfer, bank transfers, or Western Union, please email us at [email protected].

“The fact I was CHP Level 1 holder helped me get an internship in a hedge fund in London last summer, and allowed me not only to pass the interview, but to hit the ground running from the first days in the fund. This spring I am going to get back to Russia, and will be raising capital for the hedge fund in Russia and CIS.” – Kiril Vinokurov, CHP Alumni

Three Tuition Payment Plan Options:

1. CHP Level 1 & Level 2 Payment Plan: $297 Now and then $89/Month for 8 Months: Enroll Now

2. CHP Level 1 Payment Plan: $297 Now and then $119.50 for 4 Months: Enroll Now

3. CHP Level 2 Payment Plan: $297 Now and then $94.50 for 4 Months: Enroll Now

Please note that by using the payment plan options above, you agree to the following terms – examination results will be sent to you via email 30 days after your examination takes place. If you have passed the examination for Level 2, but still owe payments, your certificate and designation will not be made available to you until the final payment has been made. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at [email protected].

Trouble Submitting Your Payment? If you cannot get your payment to go through, please contact us. You can use the Click to Chat button to the right, email us at [email protected] or call us at (503) 922-2752. We are in our Portland, OR office during normal Pacific Standard Time (PST) business hours. Please leave a detailed message including your full email address and phone number if we miss you.

Level 2 Program Choice Selection: If you need to let our team know which Level 2 option you have selected you may do so by completing this form.

Group & Corporate Team Discounts:Often times, employers will pay for or reimburse employees for completing the CHP designation program once the employee has received a passing grade within the program. Please ask your employer regarding their policy in reimbursing you for the tuition paid for the CHP program.

“The CHP designation is a great program to educate new employees who join our hedge fund down the road.” – Tom Jordan CHP, President of TCJ Capital

Risk Free: The CHP program includes a 7 week money-back guarantee, no questions asked. We have invested more than 1,000 hours in developing this program and we are confident that once you register and complete our program, you will get a great return on your investment.  This refund policy means that if you register today and decide you will not benefit from our online video training platform, required readings, webinars, events, study guide, and career coaching resources, you can instantly withdraw.

Refunds will not be made after an examination has been scheduled and the examination has been sent to a participant to complete. Once you submit your examination date request and are subsequently sent the online examination to complete, your refund period will be voided. This means that, should you register on the 25th of October and take the examination on the 10th of November, your refund period will no longer be 7 weeks. If you have any questions about this policy, please let us know.

To request a refund in the refund period, simply send us a one-line email and receive 100% of your money back in one business day. In fact, now that we have had over 1,300 participants register for the CHP we have such a low refund rate (see testimonials below) that we will even allow you to retain access to the Hedge Fund Premium.com platform for a full year if you do decide to drop out and get your money back. This way you have nothing to lose by joining the program today and seeing if it is right for you.

Richard Wilson

CEO & Founder of the Hedge Fund Group (HFG)

The CHP Designation Program consists of two levels: CHP Level 1 comprises of lessons on hedge fund investment strategies and industry fundamentals. CHP Level 2 allows you to specialize in a single concentration in one of the following areas: Hedge Fund Marketing & Capital Raising, Hedge Fund Due Diligence, or Hedge Fund Portfolio Analytics & Risk Management. Each level is typically completed in six months, though students are allowed 12 months or longer to complete each level, if necessary.

200+ Video & Text Testimonials

Below are over 220 CHP participant testimonials direct from current and past participants within the CHP designation program. These quotes are proof that our program is recommended by employers, responsible for helping some participants land jobs in the hedge fund industry, and is able to help hundreds of professionals improve their hedge fund careers each year. Many testimonials today are written by marketers and are over-polished, and over the top. The testimonials below are 98% un-touched, genuine, and in the same exact form as they were provided to us. We have included over 200 of them here to show you overwhelming evidence that many have benefited from completing this program.

Testimonial #1: Tom Jordan | President of TCJ Capital “The CHP designation is a great program to educate new employees who join our hedge fund down the road.”

Testimonial #2: Jeffrey Ziglar | Vice President of Hedge Fund Strategies at Goldman Sachs & Co. “The CHP curriculum is a great place for people within or entering the industry to gain a fundamental foundation on the history, structure, and concept of the Hedge Fund Industry with freedom of time allocation and limited cost.”

Testimonial #3: Majieb Zain | Trader at Barclays Bank Plc “The course subjects allow you to develop an in-depth understanding of the portfolio analytics methods and measures which are constantly evolving. The organizers were able to accommodate to my unique request and were prompt to resolve issues encountered.”

Testimonial #4: Nick Asmus | Equities Trader

Transcript: “The hedge fund industry is becoming more popular every day and more competitive as well. This is why I believe the hedge fund certification program is a good way to show potential employers that you are dedicated to the industry. In college I ran the financial management association, after that I worked as a financial analyst and now I have been an equity trader for three years. For me it makes sense to show how I serious I am about learning about hedge funds, the CHP provides a great intensity of focus on hedge funds showing you are interested in the industry and driven to succeed. Most importantly it shows that you really are driven and you know the knowledge, you have a good foundation of basic hedge fund principles and in Level 2 of the CHP you can get more in-depth and show where your expertise is based, I recommend this program to everyone.”

Testimonial #5: Issam Roumani | Managing Director “The CHP is definitely a constructive course that gave me an true insight about Hedge Fund. Starting a Hedge Fund is not difficult if you understand how it operate it, to target investors, and understand the need for high quality individuals. The CHP program definitely enhanced by knowledge from a true novice to become a professional in hedge Fund industry especially the marketing and sales of Hedge Fund. Many ideas, tips and selling techniques are known to me that can make a big difference in setting up a Hedge Fund as well as Raising Capital Seed. CHP was one of my best choices in 2010. Thank you Richard.”

Testimonial #6: Marvin Allen “The CHP is a brilliant course on hedge funds!”

Testimonial #7: Kelly Patrick | Financial Representative at Fidelity Investments “The material was very thorough, Richard, you did a great job designing this designation. If nothing else, it exposes individual, like myself, to books that insiders have deemed to be more relevant and worth reading. You indicated that, in order to become an expert, we should read two books a month for 2 years. It makes sense, and this is the foundation of that quest. I am working towards a better hedge fund position and your knowledge will help me achieve my goals. And the CHP designation on my business card will not hurt either.”

Testimonial #8: Shin HWang “I think that this exam gave me a broad sense of what hedge fund industry was. Although I was a buy-side analyst at a NY based hedge fund previously, I learned so much about it while preparing for the exam. Below is a video I produced which explains how I have benefited from this program.”

Testimonial #9: Gregory Eberhart | Managing Partner at Calmac Group “The sales and marketing materials were excellent in getting right to the bottom line for success. I know exactly how to move forward on Hedge Fund sales and marketing, you provided those critical steps. Ciandini and Richard Wilson’s best practices are right on.”

Testimonial #10: Daryl Dworkin | CEO & Founder of DFD Capital “I thought that the required reading within the CHP program was very interesting and I would recommend this process to anyone who wants to learn more about hedge funds and be a hedge fund professional.”

Testimonial #11: Mario Di Marcantonio | Senior Portfolio Manager at Eurizon Capital “I began using HedgeFundBlogger.com as a resource as an intern at a hedge fund while still in college. Now, employed full-time by a hedge fund in Manhattan, I continue to use the website to increase my knowledge about the hedge fund space and now to secure a certification which will help me advance within my company. Many thanks for being a such a user-friendly channel for those seeking to expand their knowledge.

Testimonial #12: Video Quote

Testimonial #13: Ortwin Klose | Investment Analyst, Edge Tech Ventures, Inc. “The CHP program is a valuable and comprehensive certification which will allow participants to truly make informed choices in the hedge fund industry – both as investors and as professionals. Achieving a CHP designation demonstrates a level of professionalism which is recognized, and sought after, by hedge fund employers and others in the investing industry.

Testimonial #14: Steve Vennerbeck | Real Estate Investor “I’ve been a professional real estate investor for more than 10 years now and am very comfortable taking risk to earn a comfortable living for myself and my family. However, the last few years I’ve become more and more active with the stock market. I’ve been actively using a long/short approach with great success (yes even during the recent downturn). I then said to myself “what if I could invest other peoples money as effectively as I’ve been investing my own?” I later found out that my “idea” is called a hedge fund. So for two years I’ve embarked upon a knowledge quest to learn everything I can about hedge funds, obtaining series 7, entity structuring etc for such a business. During this time I came across hedgefundblogger.com. What I liked about this company was that I no longer needed to learn this subject matter on my own. I had the resource of literally thousands of qualified individuals all distilled into a single site. Since joing the HFG my learning curve has turned upward dramatically. My goal for 2011 is to complete the Level 2 portion of the CHP program while simultaneously looking into entity structuring my business.”

Testimonial #15: Andy R. | Hedge Fund Manager “As a former hedge fund manager, looking to launch a new fund in the next year, I was intrigued by the prospect of increasing my knowledge and understanding of a variety of platforms, strategies, and new regulations that are likely to come through the CHP. I believe that this designation is a long overdue way to separate the wheat from the chaff in an industry that, while currently in a down cycle, will remain as an integral component for financial planning and asset allocation in the future.”

Testimonial #16: Video Quote

Testimonial #17: Technical Analyst For Wachovia | Sumeer Kapila, Level 1 CHP, CFA Level 3 Candidate “The CHP designation is a focused program. A program which details and provides inside information of hedge fund industry standards and strategies. The study guide provides you with the rules of the game, keeping you informed about the legal and regulatory perspective. This program helps you to keep the integrity of the market by raising industry standards.”

Testimonial #18: Job Title: Hedge Fund Manager “I have been tracking the develop of this designation for several months now and now that I’m running my own hedge fund I need more of a broad base of hedge fund industry knowledge. In the past as a trader I have learned a lot about investing and alternative asset types but I’m completing this course to learn more about the structure and direction of the industry.”

Testimonial #19: Hedge Fund Manager (Partner) “Among the critical reasons I joined a hedge fund are the minimization of bureaucracy, an innovation-friendly environment, and the community of intellectual and self-motivated individuals. To me, the Hedge Fund Group and now the CHP designation embody these principles and will come to represent a unique brand of individuals in the hedge fund space.”

Testimonial #20 Chai Foong: Algorithmic Forex Market Trader

Transcript of video: “I am an algorithmic trader for the forex markets. I have been searching for a training program related to the markets and hedge funds but I could not find any suitable until a friend told me about the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Exam. This program helps me build credibility in the market place and adds to my relevant experience in the field. I believe the CHP is what is needed to step inside the hedge fund industry.”

Testimonial #21: Marc Oliver “I have over 20+ years in the financial market industry with 15 securities licenses as well as other designation which includes FINRA Arbitration/ Mediation Panelist. Additionally, I am or have been a member of various industry related regulatory groups. Most notably, I have been on the Regulatory/ Compliance side in the financial Market for the last 11 years, having even served as Head of Compliance, with an emphasis towards providing regulatory oversight for trade compliance (Listed/ NASDAQ/ Program Trading). My objective going forward is to focus on Hedge Fund Compliance oversight and though I am currently pursuing my Juris Doctorate I believe that the CHP designation would give the proper foundation as well professional accreditation coupled with my current investment advisory experience for such a career transition.”

Testimonial #22: Private Wealth Management Executive, CHP Level 1 Fall 2008 “The Hedge Fund Group stands at the forefront of our industry’s progressive growth, providing a designation which will prove invaluable and recognizable world-wide. With impeccable timing, the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation is emerging into the best buyers’ market of our lifetimes. In this CFP and CFA jungle, mark yourself with the CHP and become a distinct industry leader. Treat yourself as an investment in an emerging market and enjoy reaping the rewards of your future. In the world of alternative investments, there’s no substitute for the CHP designation.”

Testimonial #23: Dominic Di Bernardo – Student “I am taking this hedge fund certification program to expand my knowledge base of the hedge fund industry (There is little learned in school about this industry). I also believe that this designation will give me an edge over others trying to enter the industry. And lastly I believe that I will be able to gain valuable contacts through this programs website, other designation candidates, and anyone else that stands behind this designation”.

Testimonial #24: Professional Placement Agent for Hedge Funds “The Hedge Fund Group (HFG) has been fabulous. They answer every question quickly, accurately and professionally. It’s this stuff that, quite simply, builds credibility. For once I’m actually studying something.”

Testimonial #25: B.R. Aravind | Hedge Fund Associate

Transcript from Video: “To start with my objective was to work for a hedge fund manage and portfolio of my own a few years from now. While I was trying to learn the basics of the hedge fund industry I found the certification program run by the Hedge Fund Group (HFG). This led me to enroll into this hedge fund certification program they provided many helpful internship and career related articles. This gave me the right exposure on the industry and eventually got me an internship with the Hedge Fund Group. During this internship I was given many responsibilities on hedge funds, due diligence they use, risk management processes they use, and holdings analysis work using SEC 13F Holdings filings. I am working with the Hedge Fund Group (HFG) to help provide a platform of working with hedge fund managers further throughout the rest of my career. Thank you.”

Testimonial #26: Derivative/Technical analyst for a leading broking firm “The CHP program is one of the best courses I could find in the market for someone who wants to enter the world of alternative investments. Not only is the course vigorous and up to date, but they also help you with access to industry recruiters for career advice and job opportunities. Another reason I registered was so that I could build my contacts in the investment world through the Hedge Fund Group. To me the value was in the complete package for a successful career in the field of alternative investments.”

Testimonial #27: Algorithmic Trader for a Private Capital Group “I am an algorithmic trading software developer working for a capital firm. I have been doing just-in-time learning all the time, in an undisciplined fashion. I think the goal of achieving a CHP Designation would enforce a formal approach to my education in this dynamic field. Besides, in my readings, I am hitting areas and terms I did not know, like – Tranches etc. CHP designation would give me the confidence of a firm background knowledge, in pursuing my career.”

Testimonial #28: Bob Beller | Executive Vice President at a Financial Advisory Firm “I’ve been involved in all aspects of the financial services industry over the past twenty-five years – legal and compliance, commodity pool owner and operator, hedge fund-of-funds principal and operator, domestic and international…you name it. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years it’s that no business and no individual entrepreneur can sustain success over time without integrity and objective standards through which to measure core competence. Integrity comes from within. Objective standards are established by progressive thinkers. For me, the concept of CHP Designation is at the cutting edge of an industry that requires more uniform and measurable standards. That’s where I want to be for people I represent and that’s exactly what I want to pass along to people I mentor. Timing is everything.”

Testimonial #29: Video Quote

Testimonial #30: Jennifer Hrabik | Wealth Management Associate “Early on in my finance career I recognized I am very interested in alternatives and knew that learning more about this area would give me a competitive edge. I researched programs and found the CHP Designation to be the best as it also provides networking and mentor opportunities. It excites me that the program is new and I can be one of the first in the industry to earn this designation. I also like the two level approach. Level one provides a thorough overview of the hedge fund industry while level two focuses on training for a specific role. For someone just a few years into their career, level two is really helpful in narrowing down what you want to “major” in.”

Testimonial #31 Soumen Gopal.: Hedge Fund Manager (Partner)

Transcript of Video Above: “There are three reasons why I joined this hedge fund certification program. The first reason is the focus, this program is focused very deeply on the hedge fund industry, performance and investment strategies and this is tailored to my needs. The other important point about this program is the speed of completion, many programs take much longer to complete. The last reason was the networking benefits, you can come out of this program and attend networking events and meet others in the industry and this is very helpful.”

Testimonial #32: Timothy Brady “I enjoyed the readings required for the CHP Designation. Also, the communication provided by CHP was good.”

Testimonial #33: Shian-Shian Khern “Very comprehensive and useful structure. The CHP Designation provided with me valuable knowledge and information. I know feel versed in hedge fund industry.”

Testimonial #34: Henrik Lalund “I think the CHP Designation Program gives a good introduction to and overview of the hedge fund industry. I enjoyed reading all the 3 books and think they contain the right amount of knowledge. I am looking forward to take the next level of the designation.”

Testimonial #35: Alexander Haardt “The readings were very well chosen. The CHP program has helped me better understand the industry as a whole as well as individual hedge fund strategies. Tough at times but lots of fun!”

Testimonial #36: Video Quote

Testimonial #37: Gregory Blair “I really enjoyed the content that we had to learn. Good dynamic course for an individual interested in getting involved in any type of investment situation or career, not just hedge funds.”

Testimonial #38: Choong Foon Chai “This program helped me become more knowledgeable and this has been a valuable experience. The CHP program is unique and provides something which really doesn’t exist elsewhere in the market. I took this program because it helped me increase my credibility in the hedge fund industry.”

Testimonial #39: Sunny Youn “Completing the CHP Designation has been a good experience, covering out a variety of topics of interest related to hedge funds”

Testimonial #40: Peter Schaffer “I think it is a good test for hedge fund professionals to complete. I now look forward to Level 2 of the program.”

Testimonial #40: Antony Ghee “CHP Level 1 provides the fundamental building blocks for working in the world of hedge funds. The materials and topics covered were not overwhelming, yet not overly simplistic. It is my view that the CHP Designation Program strikes the appropriate balance for anyone that seeks to learn about or build upon their knowledge of hedge funds.”

Testimonial #41: Kwee-Lam Teo “The CHP Designation Program provides participants with extensive knowledge of hedge fund industry to strengthen our professionalism in hedge funds industry It really carry weight and improves our quality standards in the industry”

Testimonial #42: Anil Sharma “Good coverage of topics, testing of deep understanding, and well constructed examination as well. Thank You”

Testimonial #43: Kaustav Bagchi “Preparation material like the practice exam could be more frequently released. They were very helpful in understanding the different subject areas as well as gave good preparation. Also, the study material was very comprehensive and summaries of the material are extremely useful. I would definitely sign up for the Level 2.”

Testimonial #44: Alexander Moreno “My experience with the exam has been great, I have gained a better understanding of the hedge fund industry, what the basic strategies are, and how it plays a big roe in the financial industry. The reading material was excellent, and the exam was very relevant.”

Testimonial #45: Susan Swift “Very broad learning experience. Good overall coverage of material.”

Testimonial #46: Vincent Tange “Great to have a programme entirely focused on this growing industry. Very useful literature suitable and interesting for a diverse audience of participants. Looking forward very much to develop myself further in the industry thanks to insights gained from this program”

Testimonial #47: Haifeng Xi “The exam and related video content is a great motivation for self learning! The test preparation materials are great help in the process, please keep up the good work…”

Testimonial #48: Scott Ingerto “I thought the book selection was great. Some more concrete examples would be great to have in the program, but test was complete and fair. Thank you.

Testimonial #49: Jimmy Huang “I have had a great experience studying for the CHP Designation Program, thank you for making it available..”

Testimonial #50: Mike Peterson “The CHP Level 1 Program was an excellent program in a broad overview of the Hedge Fund Industry.”

Testimonial #51: Shiu Hong Chu “I think the CHP exam is good since the questions difficulty is optimal, and the time is enough for the candidate to finish it. Also, it covers all the main idea hedge funds industry should know. And the essay question is good for testing the candidate’s knowledge of different hedge fund strategies. Good Job!! I Enjoyed the exam. See you in level 2!” Testimonial #52: Vadim Alexanrov “Great interactions with anyone I was trying to reach/ask a question. Straightforward curriculum. Nice preparation guides. Thanks!”

Testimonial #53: Manik Chhabra “Great experience. Excellent curriculum/exposure to the hedge fund industry. Looking forward to the next steps in finding opportunities in industry.”

Testimonial #54: Elaine Fox “Broad questions covering all areas. Very helpful. Some tricky questions in there on the examination.”

Testimonial #55: Richard Langevin “CHP Designation program is a very nice program and I’m very proud to be part of it. I’m sure it will growth very fast in the coming years !!! I plan starting working in the Hedge Fund industry in the coming two years and this designation will help me a lot ! Thanks for seting this program.”

Testimonial #56: Alok Kumar “The exam and its purpose is very good. It can be further improved by marketing it better to hedge funds. The people who pass their exam should now be more likely to land a job within the industry.”

Testimonial #57: Sachin Obaid “This was an awesome exam! it gave me a great opportunity to read books which I generally would not pick as light reading and I have learned a lot. Thank you for creating such a great program. “

Testimonial #58: Matthew Archie “The CHP Designation Program has greatly improved my knowledge. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Testimonial #59: Christopher Eberhart “Richard Wilson and the CHP team has been very supportive since I registered for the program. The provided responsiveness and the knowledge I needed from the program.”

Testimonial #60: Manik Chhabra “Great experience. Excellent curriculum/ exposure to the hedge fund industry. Looking forward to the next steps in finding opportunities in industry.”

Testimonial #61: Hai Le “I love the program so far, but still need time to study for Level 2 before the next examination is offered -. thanks for the program”

Testimonial #62: Mario Tate “I like the freedom of taking the test online, I can go to a quiet place and not be distracted by crowds. I also like the updated study guide which includes tips on which chapters to focus on this is really helpful.”

Testimonial #63: Jose Carlos “Even I am manage derivatives from long time ago, I have learn a lot about the small and big difference to approach from the relative value point of view. It has been a very good approach to the Hedge Fund industry, and the books included as material it should be a absolutely neccesary reading for any investor interested in absolute returns, capital preservation and interested to manage the Risk/Return in an efficient way.”

Testimonial #64: Christine Zaremba “I gained valuable insight into the Fund of Funds and Hedge Funds, particularly investment strategies. I attest that this program is helpful on generating positive returns. I hope that course 2 continues to provide me with the detailed knowledge and videos provided by the Hedge Fund Premium.com website. Thanks!”

Testimonial #65: Najieb Zain “I think an online exam makes it convenient for candidates from across the country to pursue the CHP Designation Program. Thank you for the pleasant experience.”

Testimonial #66: Bradley Robinson “The overall customer service provided by Richard Wilson and the CHP certification team before the exam was excellent. I enjoyed the readings. The CHP program still has a small “feel” to it unlike the other programs out there”

Testimonial #67: Howard Klemmer, Hedg Fund Manager “This was a fine experience for me as I am already a fund manager and this exam let me to test what I do vs what other people thought I did..”

Testimonial #68: Al Behbehani “I think the exam was well constructed. Thanks.”

Testimonial #69: Jean Paul Van Straalen “The online exam of the CHP designation provide the hedge fund industry a tool to build on a more professional image and reliable and responsible attitude of the manager”

Testimonial #70: Venugopalan Mauralidharan “This has been a good experience for me. I learned a lot about the hedge fund industry.”

Testimonial #71: Darius Paris “The CHP organization does a good job supporting the candidates with preparation. I like the flexibility of the online exam format. Thanks.”

Testimonial #72: James Day “The information contained within the CHP Designation Program has been helpful for starting my own hedge fund.”

Testimonial #73: Steven Pliszka “I believe that what you are doing is very constructive and I appreciate the opportunity.”

Testimonial #74: Mammad Guliyev “Thanks for the program, everything you offer is excellent and I received a lot of value from the training.”

Testimonial #75: Mark Babineau “As a college student studying for the CHP, I have learned an enormous amount about the hedge fund industry. I would highly suggest this program for anyone looking to get into the hedge fund business.”

Testimonial #76: Michael Drover “I think more emphasis on trading strategies would be useful, as opposed to the amount of time spend on fund of funds. But this is a minor point – generally speaking, a well-designed program!”

Testimonial #77: Abdikarim Karshe “I think this is a well prepared test and I think many people benefit from this test. best regards”

Testimonial #78: Paul Maggs “Really enjoyed studying for the course. It was good that the study material was broad and authored by different individuals. The ability to ask questions was also a huge benefit as this isn’t something I have had on previous courses in the UK.”1

Testimonial #79: Victor Leon “So far so good. I really hope I pass both levels this year so I can add this to my resume!”

Testimonial #80: Scott Jelen “This has been a positive experience because it dispelled some of the myths surrounding hedge funds. I especially liked the book about the funds of funds. I also thought the discussion of the different strategies was very interesting.”

Testimonial #81: Michael Kennedy-Gestring “Your hedge fund course was great thank you!”

Testimonial #82: Benjamin Shellington “This program has helped me tremendously in learning about both the hedge fund and mutual fund industries in terms of their evolution over time, strategies and general place in the financial world.”

Testimonial #83: Ray Mustafa “So far I believe that the CHP program has been helpful. The reading material covered a large range of information. I do look forward to completing level 2. “

Testimonial #84: Jim Hughes “Program is educational besides informative. Awesome way to enhance financial education. Extremely helpful and insightful formats.”

Testimonial #85: Ashutosh Kaduskar “One of the best initiatives that provides outside with an exposure to hedge fund. I gained good knowledge about the various basics of the hedge fund through the reading materials.”

Testimonial #86: Joseph Del Principe “I enjoyed learning the information in the texts and materials. I have a new understanding of the complexities of the financial world. The test was challenging but fair”

Testimonial #87: Nick Asmus “I found the program to be very helpful. I enjoyed studying and finding a reason to really comprehend and delve into numerous hedge fund concepts and materials. It also gave a good foundation of what things you “need to know” in the industry. “

Testimonial #88: Melissa Standstring “I enjoyed the program. I work in the fund of funds industry on the operations side, so learning about the different strategies has helped to make me a more knowledgeable member of our team.”

Testimonial #89: James Klauzner “Very good set of questions, does a good job of “probing” the general Alternative Investment field knowledge of the individual. I can see how this kind of certification would help the prospective employee and the hiring firm get a better idea of what each party is offering/getting in terms of the candidate’s knowledge base.”

Testimonial #90: Trent D’Ambrosio “The test was very broad and covered a great deal of information I think it was a great baseline. I am most impressed with the selected reading I found it extremely valuable.”

Testimonial #91: Jeremy McIntosh “This has been a great experience. I enjoyed the required readings. I found the exam to cover the fundamentals of hedge fund investing.”

Testimonial #92: Ashish Agarwal “Good Program, thanks for creating it”

Testimonial #93: Lincoln Leung “The CHP designation has greatly improved by investment knowledge on the hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, as well as individual varieties of financial instruments. It helped me both paving the way for future career development and improving my skills on personal investment/speculations in the financial markets.”

Testimonial #94: Sanket Ajmera “Excellent program.”

Testimonial #95: Todd Hickman “Great job. Thanks “

Testimonial #96: Herman Pretorious “The CHP Designation Program opened a new level of understanding for me within this area.”

Testimonial #97: Tilak Pati “Its very detailed and requires depth of knowledge to complete.”

Testimonial #98: Anthony Caramagno “Positive Experience: “I found the self-study program to be very rewarding. It was a pleasure and very interesting to study and learn about the hedge fund industry. I feel enriched by this program.”

Testimonial #99: Andrew Valerie “Even as a 20 year financial services industry executive, I found the required reading materials extremely valuable and will continue to use the books as reference guides. I look forward to the next steps in the education process.”

Testimonial #100: Jeffrey Hochman “The learning process was very good, some of the examples within the readings were outdated but overall this was a high value program.”

Testimonial #101: Nicholas Manciero “Some of the questions were debatable, but overall a good exam.”

Testimonial #102: Todd Fitzpatrick “I found the program to be very useful and informative and feel like i have achieved my goal of gaining a good foundation in a very complex industry. “

Testimonial #103: Craig Ferguson “I have learned a lot of general knowledge and am beginning to understand and feel comfortable with the hedge fund and general investment industry. I look forward to the Level 2 training. “

Testimonial #104: Mike Mitchelson “This gives me a good feel to where I am, in the understanding of hedge funds…with all the information provided it is a good gage to see if I am ready for the next step and how much more I need to sharpen my knowledge.”

Testimonial #105: Bum Joon Suh “Thanks for the opportunity to complete this program.”

Testimonial #106: Trent D’Ambrosio “The test was very broad and covered a great deal of information I think it was a great baseline. I am most impressed with the selected reading I found it extremly valuable.”

Testimonial #107: Kalyan Saripalli “Very good experience.”

Testimonial #108: Thomas Staskiewicz “Great addition to the hedge fund community. This program provides further education and experience on career path in the industry.”

Testimonial #109: Vivek Jain, FRM “I have just completed the Level 2 Exam, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I have gained definitive insights and knowledge, and I would like to thank the entire CHP/HFG team! Again, thanks a lot. It was a great experience!”

Testimonial #110: Scott Valenti “I have come significantly far in my venture thus far and a good deal has been due to your network and resources. Not being an MBA or having experience in the institutional side of the financial world (as my partner and trader/manager does), I found that you “pointing” me in the right direction has allowed me to learn a great deal in a small amount of time, specifically in regard to how to run the business of the future fund, which will be 100% my responsibility. Thank you again and I look forward to gaining leverage from the distilled content of your program as I study.”

Testimonial #110: Ortwin Klose | Senior Systems Consultant at Aflac “Thank you very much for providing this challenging certification program. I’m certain that the CHP designation provides great visibility and credibility within the Hedge Fund industry. The CHP designation is an excellent way to formalize one’s knowledge and demonstrate one’s desire to enter the hedge fund industry!”

Testimonial #111: Philipp Pingel | Assistant Vice President at Credit Suisse “A deep level of knowledge is necessary to do well in this program, thank you for providing it.”

Testimonial #112: Ajay Sangha | Investment Manager at Hamilton Bradshaw “I have had to quickly move up the learning curve on hedge funds and this has been both challenging and exciting for me.”

Testimonial #113: Gabriel Morris | Administration Manager at Campbell & Company, Inc. “The CHP training has provided me a well rounded knowledge base of Hedge Fund career. I hope to share my experience with my colleagues and encourage them to use this program as a training grounds for new team members.”

Testimonial #114: Vincent Tange | Financial Analyst at Knight Vinke Asset Management. “I really enjoyed the reading material and videos within the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program.”

Testimonial #115: Philip Sosnovsky The Level 2 examination was put together very well.

Testimonial #116: Luna Tjung “Completing the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation was a rewarding experience.”

Testimonial #117: Thomas Ritter | Partner at Multiplicity Partners AG “The CHP designation is a great program, nice idea to split Level 2 into specific specializations.”

Testimonial #118: Chuan Xia Loh | Treasury Specialist at Standard Chartered Bank “Coming from wealth management space, this course has certainly provided me with a good insight to the hedge fund world. This will allow me to better provide product advisory to my high net worth customers with regards to investing in the alternative investments space.”

Testimonial #119: Marc Puppo | Consultant at Hunthill Capital “I found the program to be valuable and was impressed with the materials selected for this course.”

Testimonial #120: Peter Huels | Consultant “As a relative newcomer to the industry, I found the program very helpful and insightful as it tries to draw on many sources of professionals within the industry to provide a balanced view of the current key drivers in the business.”

Testimonial #121: Richard Langevin | Portfolio Manager at National Bank of Private Wealth “Very good books, websites and materials and I hope other people from Canada like me will take your course!!!”

Testimonial #122: Jennifer Eisenecker | Associate at BNP Paribas Wealth Management Sinapore “Thank you for the CHP designation program!”

Testimonial #123: Joshua Hoo | Director at Hoo and Partners Limited “The reading materials of Hedge Fund Marketing are very practical and useful for capital raising exercise.”

Testimonial #124: Amit Kapoor | Chief Operating Officer at 10X Partners “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) was great!”

Testimonial #125: Sanket Ajmera | Team Leader of Fund Administration at Societe Generale Ltd. “Its a truly great experience pursuing the CHP program. I recommend it others frequently.”

Testimonial #126: Richard Langevin | Portfolio Manager at National Bank of Private Wealth “Very Challenging course. I recommend this course to coworkers and friends anytime. The study material is perfect and very informative.”

Testimonial #127: Purtis Marks “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program was challenging. You must read the material to pass.”

Testimonial #128: Yatindra Chugh “Thank you for putting this program on hedge funds together.”

Testimonial #129: Priyadarshini Kuma | Business Analyst at Bank of America “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation is very detailed exam and really tests out your knowledge in the hedge fund space.”

Testimonial #130: Albert Waski “I loved this program, it taught me so much and made me love the hedge fund world even more. i cant wait to be a part of it. Thank you!”

Testimonial #131: Robert Wattie | Portfolio Manager at Newland Capital “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program was great at giving one a general view of the hedge fund industry and the different strategies involved.”

Testimonial #132: James Cornell | President of Lenrock Capital Partners “This designation has been an excellent experience, the text books helped build a solid foundation and the online content and tutorials brought the concepts to life. A very well done program!”

Testimonial #133: Constantin Rueter | Analyst at ADIA “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program is very good and I always got fast responses from your team, thank you.”

Testimonial #134: Enoch Osei-Adu “I am very grateful for your teams working up the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program over the years into what it has become today.”

Testimonial #135: Girard Hemminger “I do not have a Wall Street Background. I have had a trading mentor for years, who has fostered my interest in the markets, along with the possibility of managing money for clients. I came to the CHP program, not so much for the ‘credential’, but for the broader legal, regulatory, and business perspective that it encompasses. It has provided me with a great deal of valuable information in a cost-effective way.”

Testimonial #136: John Lilley | Director of Investments at Citi Private Bank “The CHP designation is bound to become more important for the industry as more people learn about it. It should be required for people involved with hedge funds, and people selling hedge funds to clients.”

Testimonial #137: David Blair | Managing Member of Red Star Partners, LLP “I enjoyed the reading required within the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program, thank you.”

Testimonial #138: Kalyan Saripalli “Its a wonderful program. I have gained tremendous knowledge on hedge funds. Really Great work by my guru Richard Wilson.”

Testimonial #139: Jacob Triodl | Woodard & Curran “The course allowed me to develop a holistic understanding of the hedge fund industry. I really enjoyed the reading material.”

Testimonial #140: Oliver Neal | Head of Alternative Investments at Credit Suisse AG “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program has been an eye opener.”

Testimonial #141: Danny Fernandes | Investment Middle Office Analyst at Hartfod Investment Management Company “All in all I feel that the books, study guides, and other study materials helped me gain a better understanding of the hedge fund industry. The information I learned will help me in my pursuit of a hedge fund career. I will recommend this program to family, friends, and co workers.”

Testimonial #142: Peter Goldsworthy | Financial Analyst at Royal Bank of Scotland “I thoroughly enjoyed the CHP program. The prescribed texts are interesting and challenging and provide a good foundation for understanding the basic concepts within the hedge fund industry. I believe that the CHP designation will make me more marketable in the hedge fund industry. The course administrators are friendly and efficient in dealing with any query that I had, thank you for your assistance.”

Testimonial #142: Mario Fernandez | Directory & Senior Vice President at EFG Capital “The certification program has thus far been very educational introducing some new concepts and refining others. In deciding on which of the three Level 2 specialties to concentrate on it would be interesting to be able to select two or maybe all three (like a dual or triple major).”

Testimonial #143: Tracy Knudsen | Senior Vice President of Research at Lowry Research Corporation “I enjoyed this hedge fund course course and feel I learned an abundance of relevant information.”

Testimonial #144: Troy Wilson “Thank you for the CHP program.”

Testimonial #145: Joshua Roach | Director at PHI Group Investments, LLC “Thanks for everything that your team put together in the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program.”

Testimonial #146: Guido Giaclone Great program!

Testimonial #147: Gregory Eberhart | Managing Partner at Calmac Group This has been an amazing program and I have expanded my knowledge tremendously since I first picked up first book. I hope to be full charter holder in a month’s time. – Sachin Obaid, Margin Manager in Prime Brokerage for Hedge Funds, Bank of America

Testimonial #148: Sean Sum Gopal “Excellent Program. Brilliant mix of practical application and theoretical knowledge as well as academic rigor.”

Testimonial #149: Henry De Valle | Senior Investment Analyst at EFG Capital “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) course provided a clear understanding of the hedge fund strategies used in the investment world.”

Testimonial #150: Reginald McNair “The CHP has been an excellent source for enhancing my knowledge in the hedge fund industry. I have learned many things that would have been much more challenging to learn out side of program. I am very impressed with the amount of video content and work that went into putting this program together.”

Testimonial #151: Bouaze Pierre | Globaleye “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program provides phenomenal training and a challenging exam. This training gives me confidence that i have stretched myself for the good and will be successful in my career.”

Testimonial #152: Doan Tran Huy | Head of Proprietary Trading at Asia Commercial Bank “I have learned a lot by completing the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program, thank you.”

Testimonial #153: Kirill Vinokurov “Thank you for offering the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation.”

Testimonial #154: Muhayyodin Ghulam | Manager at Ernst & Young “It was a great experience, I have gained so much knowledge while studying for the CHP and I believe that this CHP designation will open doors for me to excel even further within the Hedge Fund Industry.”

Testimonial #155: Trent Brown | President of Lone Capital Advisors, LLC “I have enjoyed the process of learning more about the hedge fund industry. The books that were the reading materials for the program were very informative.”

Testimonial #156: Faisal Arif | Consultant at Infonetrics, Inc. “The CHP program provided with me excellent knowledge and information about the hedge fund industry. It has been a great experience.”

Testimonial #157: Louis Priebe | Financial Advocate at Apogee Physicians “The need for understanding and utilizing hedge funds is critical to meeting client needs for reduced portfolio risk and increased return. The CHP has helped me achieve a broad based knowledge of the hedge fund industry to move towards the ultimate goal of helping clients.”

Testimonial #158: Stuart Pack | Regional Vice President “Thank you for the educational opportunity. I thought I knew a lot about hedge funds, but the CHP designation this really opened my eyes. I’m looking forward to the second part!”

Testimonial #159: Alexandra Rumie | Senior Vice President at EFG Capital “Thank you for putting together this Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program.”

Testimonial #160: Vincent Giardini | IT Director at 1st Lake Properties “I would like to say that the curriculum that CHP had put together is excellent. My knowledge has increased tremendously by using the CHP curriculum. I look forward to advancing to level 2 and start my own hedge fund.”

Testimonial #161: Gary SwimanTjung | President of ICS Compliance “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program required a great deal of study but well worth it. It gives a certain sense of credibility to your knowledge of the hedge fund business. I feel I know a ton more than I did previously thanks to this exam.”

Testimonial #162: Kristi Subramanian | Investment Analyst at PNC Asset Management “This is a great program. I enjoyed reading the books. Hopefully I’ll pass this level because I am looking forward to completing the due diligence section of level 2. Thanks!”

Testimonial #163: Stan Hopkins | Consultant to Lifesciences Industry at Trinity Partners “For an outsider looking for professional self-improvement education in the hedge fund industry, the CHP program is invaluable in educating and providing useful resources.”

Testimonial #164: Marco Rainaldi | Portfolio Manager at Lombard Odie Darier Hentsch “I have learned a lot during my readings. Not only on the invesment strategies of hedge funds, but on the entire history, the ecosystem and the trends of the hedge funds industry going forward. I am looking forward for CHP Level 2! It is really a great idea to have organised such a training. Thanks Richard and if you come to Brussels, please let me know. All the best!”

Testimonial #165: David Stybr | Investment Manager at Coober Ltd. “It is very good program that helped me target to specific information and can choose these information.”

Testimonial #166: Randall Saulnier | Financial Representative at MassMutual “I enjoyed the broad scope of the required readings and the attention to the subjects that mattered.”

Testimonial #167: Gregory Deligiannis | Technical Business Analyst at Thomson Reuters “This level 1 preparation was exactly what I needed to get my foot in the door with employers in asset management and alternative investments. Gained valuable knowledge and learned the lingo to have intelligent conversations with money managers.”

Testimonial #168: Alonso Rivas “As Richard Wilson wrote this is not an overnight exam. Reading and reading and re-reading is necessary to cross-over information of the underlying preparation material and have clearer map of the whole thing. It is a good exam as it goes into every aspect of the hedge fund world.”

Testimonial #169: Mohamed Jarraya | Account Manager at Future Trends International Corporation “As a capital raising expert, with exposure to the world’s largest and actively moving sources of capital, i truly enjoyed the books recommended by CHP and i have learned many insight and increased my knowledge in the industry. Thanks to Richard.”

Testimonial #170: Gur Sheps | Associate of Investor Control Team at Gottex Fund Management “I think the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program is comprehensive, and is starting to get appreciated in the Hedge Fund Industry.”

Testimonial #171: Sergio Nozal | Trader “I am happy with the CHP Program, due to it shows you the most important to know in the industry in a short period of time.”

Testimonial #172: Federico Hirlemann | Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Passageway “Richard Wilson is very prompt in responding to e-mails! I had read many other hedge fund books prior to registering for the CHP program but having the pressure of a pending exam with the “carrot” of increasing your pedigree forces you to learn and understand the material better and gives you the confidence to talk to even the most sofisticated hedge fund manager and/or client.”

Testimonial #173: Andy Hunt The CHP designation is a great online course on hedge funds, very informative.

Testimonial #174: Casimir Klimasauskas | Senior Engineer at Forte Design Systems “It is clear that a lot of work went into this certification. I am grateful for that. I have learned a great deal.”

Testimonial #175: Peter Miltner “I did like your simple explanations in the educational videos provided to participants in the Certified Hedge Fund Professional program.”

Testimonial #176: Peter Huels “Overall I found the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation very helpful. Thank you.”

Testimonial #177: Colin Shepherd | Managing Director at High Octave Investments (PTY) LTD “The program provides a global view of the Hedge Fund Industry and improved my knowledge and skills in preparation for managing alternative investments.”

Testimonial #178: Gregory Blair | Financial Manager at Elcon “I enjoyed the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program extremely the second time around.”

Testimonial #179: Edmund Van Der Byl-Knoefel | Analyst at Douse Associates, LLP “I liked how the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation program has such a smooth running testing system in place. Thank you.”

Testimonial #180: Tara Lazzarotto “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation was a great experience!”

Testimonial #181: David Gerlack | Manager of Fund Services at SZ Fund Services, LLC Being new to the Hedge Fund Industry I needed to gain the knowledge to provide my current clients with the appropriate expertise. CHP gave me the core knowledge that I needed. Gave me the confidence that I needed to go out into the industry and be able to converse with seasoned Hedge Fund Service providers.

Testimonial #182: Linda Reeves | Realtor at Solid Source Realty “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) provides great websites and networking guidance for the hedge fund curious individual.”

Testimonial #183: Attorney from Mick & Associates, P.C., LLO “Whatever the outcome of the test, I have increased my knowledge of the industry. I think that the designation process is important for anyone looking to enter the hedge fund industry directly, or who provides a service to the hedge fund industry. For myself, the knowledge is an invaluable tool to use in my daily activities.”

Testimonial #184: Amit Kapoor | 10X Partners “The CHP Designation is a great program!”

Testimonial #185: Anuj Gandhi | Senior Business Analyst at Indus Valley Partners “I like the focus of this program and its exclusivity on the Hedge Fund industry!!”

Testimonial #186: Massimo Scholari | Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Pragma Alternative Sgr “I found the program to be very enlightening and interesting. I would encourage anyone interested in finance generally to take the program. – Fred White, President, Fred R. White Company, Inc. Thank you for this great opportunity. It is very useful to come back to the text-book and to test our knowledge and skill.”

Testimonial #187: Gregory Eberhart | Managing Director at Calmac Group ” Having a securities background in the past, brought my past knowledge base forward to the present and into the current fund industry base of knowledge. I found the test, and materials very practical to the focus of succeeding in the hedge fund industry and prepares me for the next level in this career, thank you!”

Testimonial #188: Vincenzo Villamena | 10X Partners “Thanks for this opportunity to complete the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program. I found it interesting and enlightening.”

Testimonial #189: Brenton Rupple Jr. “The hedge fund industry is an inherently fascinating industry and the various reading materials and study guides for the CHP designation provides a marvelous window into this fascinating world.”

Testimonial #190: Paul Kress | Derivatives Account Manager at Morgan Stanley “Thank you for putting together the CHP program.”

Testimonial #191: Jean-philippe Gosselin “I think this course is great to get educated about hf and I am looking forward to do the level 2 and then start networking in the hedge fund industry and hopefully get a job in it someday. Thank you to Richard Wilson and his team for putting this together.”

Testimonial #192: C.J. Coletta, CFA CMT | President of C.J. Coletta & Company “The CHP is a great way to immerse yourself into the world of head funds and internalize their strategies.”

Testimonial #193: Bryan O’Neill | Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis at First Signal, Inc. “I feel that this program is very instructional and leads to a greater understanding of the hedge fund industry in general and offers great insight into the strategies employed by the vast number of hedge fund managers in the industry.”

Testimonial #194: Gregoire Theron | CEO of Reportfolio “This has been a fantastic course even for a person that is employed in the hedge fund industry. I can recommend this course to anyone in the hedge fund industry or interested in the hedge fund industry.”

Testimonial #195: Alexandre Corsini | Pictet Alternative Investment “The reading books were really interesting and I appreciated to read them even if english is not my mother tongue.”

Testimonial #196: Sonia D’Souza “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program is a good introduction to the hedge fund industry.”

Testimonial #197: Martin Biely | Portfolio Manager at First Private Investment Management “Thank you for collecting all of this knowledge on hedge funds and including it within the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation program.”

Testimonial #198: Bartosz Trafidlo “I think that it is great, I really learned a lot from the readings and your videos within the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program. Keep up the great work.”

Testimonial #199: Jose Alcazar | Analyst “I have found the website and videos very useful and informative, thank you for putting them together.”

Testimonial #200: Michael Newton | President of Zaitech “Hedge funds are the most sophisticated, most complex, most nerve-wracking and yes, most creative investments and the course provided an invaluable grounding in hedge funds. I look forward to studying for the next level.”

Testimonial #201: Eli Kent | Principal of Moody Aldrich Partners, LLC “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program provides a very helpful foundation for learning about hedge fund concepts.”

Testimonial #202: Gabriel Morris | Fund Administration Manager at Campbell & Company “Even though my study time ran a little shorter than I hoped, I have gained a considerable bit of knowledge from this program. I found the reading to be helpful, not just with this examination, but also with my overall job knowledge. I am looking forward to begin working on the next level of my CHP. Thank you. “

Testimonial #203: Ming Chiu | Vice President of Structuring at Conventry Capital LTD “The reading list is helpful. The web site and contents are useful for smaller to medium sized hedge fund managers.”

Testimonial #204: Ken Abdalla “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program was great thanks!”

Testimonial #205: Jonathan Heller | Associate at Lazard “I work in the Hedge Fund of Fund business and studying for the CHP exam really expanded my knowledge base and helped me understand more topics that we discuss at work.”

Testimonial #206: Marc Puppo | Consultant at Hunthill Capital “Although I’ve worked in the field, I felt like my knowledge base was strengthened with the required readings. I enjoyed taking the CHP 1 and am hopeful that the recognition of this new designation will grow.”

Testimonial #207: Yatindra Chugh | Infinera “Keep up the good work, thank you for putting the CHP Designation together.”

Testimonial #208: Brian Kordeck | Accounting Manager at TIFF Advisory Services “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program is well designed and provides potential members with all of the tools to be successful in the program.”

Testimonial #209: Gina Versella | Administrative Assistant at Moelis & Company “The website was very helpful. The study guides helped prepare for the CHP examination.”

Testimonial #210: Rij Basak | Director at Sylphia Consulting Inc. “I am extremely impressed by the quality of the course materials. The books prescribed for this course give excellent idea of the industry and are very helpful in gaining a great deal of knowledge. Before starting the course I hardly knew anything about the industry, after reading the books and some of the white papers I feel I can teach several people within the finance and banking industry about hedge funds. Richard is extremely helpful and provides the right kind of guidance and advise. I am glad that I took this course and look forward to doing Level II.”

Testimonial #211: Shan Tjung “Good professional designation for hedge fund professionals, thank you for putting the CHP together.”

Testimonial #212: Ezzat Faltas | Trader “CHP is a great resource & guide to anyone serious about the Hedge Fund industry. If you need direction, education and resources, CHP is the way to go!”

Testimonial #213: Ningyun Huang | Risk Analyst at Chase “The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program is good and worth completing.”

Testimonial #214: John Keller “Thank you for offering the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program.”

Testimonial #215: Amor Gomez | Fund Accountant “The study guide has been very helpful to me and the required readings has provided me with the additional knowledge on the hedge fund industry more particularly on the investment strategies.”

Testimonial #216: Amrit Singh | Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America “This is a great program and if you follow the curriculum properly, you will learn a lot.”

Testimonial #217: Robert Mayo | Head of Sales & Distribution at Land Commodities Asset Management “I have learnt a lot in recently, since researching and reading your selected materials, so this has been very helpful regardless of the exam itself. I look forward (assuming tis paper is a pass) to the second stage, marketing/ sales, which is most inline with my current position.”

Testimonial #218: Alexander Akinwumi | Investment Analyst at Knights Capital “I am very grateful CHP makes their opportunity cheaply available for an aspiring Hedge Fund Manager like myself in a far away location like Nigeria. I am going to help spread the reach here.” Tuition:Registration for Level 1 alone is $775, Level 2 alone is $675 and when you pay for registration Level 1 & 2 at the same time this combined tuition payment is just $975 (saving you $475 in registration). This allows you to get direct specialized training on hedge funds for less tuition than a single university course.

Fill out my online form.

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4. Wire or Bank Transfers & Western Union Transfers: If you can only complete payment through a wire transfer, bank transfers or Western Union payment please email us at [email protected] Three Tuition Payment Plan Options:

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Hedge Fund Startup Benefits

Top 4 CHP Program Benefits for Hedge Fund Startups
The hedge fund industry has never been so competitive, and investors have never been so critical. Our team including Richard Wilson who created the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program, have raised millions of dollars for sub $50M hedge funds. We have worked with over 500 hedge fund startups, and we know the challenges you face.

Our hedge fund certification program was initially created with mid-level hedge fund career professionals in mind. Soon after launching, we saw a flood of interest from hedge fund managers both small and large. We have now had hedge fund startups from the United States, UK, Switzerland and China complete our program.

Here are the top 4 benefits that our hedge fund certification program provides to new hedge fund managers or those professionals that are completing the work needed for a new hedge fund startup.

Top 4 Benefits for Hedge Fund Startups

  1. Improve the credibility of your hedge fund, your credentials, and who you associate yourself with. Investors and institutional consultants want to know that you are committed to your business. They also want to be able to trust that you are not a fly-by-night, garage-based hedge fund which is ran by a few friends. Earning the CHP Designation shows a re-investment in your knowledge, your team’s expertise, and your level of industry knowledge.
  2. Gain a foundation of hedge fund knowledge that allows you to refine your business plans, understand how research firms perceive your hedge fund and how others will be evaluating your performance.
  3. Obtain Direct access to consultants and industry professionals who can help connect you to administration firms, accounting experts, auditing firms, attorneys, marketers, research providers and prime brokerage firms that specialize in working with hedge fund startups who have under $30M in assets under management.
  4. Speak the language. Earning the CHP Designation assures that you can attend and participate in conferences, survive due diligence processes, and effectively engage others within industry networking events. This program helps you participate in these areas and brings you up-to-speed with many of the topics or themes being discussed today.

The CHP Designation is a professional designation program catering to professionals in the hedge fund industry. The CHP Designation is the only certification program designed exclusively for those professionals who work in the hedge fund industry or for services providers who would like to better understand and serve hedge funds as clients.

Participants in the CHP Program in the past have included fund startup teams, analysts, due diligence professionals, hedge fund managers, lawyers, accountants, recruiters and marketing/sales professionals.

The CHP Designation Program is supported by the 50,000 person Hedge Fund Group (HFG) and guided by a Board of Advisors consisting of over 50 hedge funds, fund of hedge funds and industry consultants. Learn more about the CHP Designation…


Testimonials Read testimonials from both past and current CHP Designation Program participants. Learn why professionals in the field are enrolling for this program.. Learn More…